Sunday, March 7, 2010

What About Textbook Conservation?

What is "textbook" conservation?
The interpretation on the meaning of textbook conservation goes differently from one person to another. I would interpret it as a "checklist" created by people and it is used as a do and don't list. The reason I called it textbook conservation is that it outlined all the possible destructive practices that we do and also the steps on how to prevent them. At times we are so precise in outlining things that it become so delicate that we could not even cope with the list we created ourself.

What is the point?
The point is we are good at identifying and analyzing. So much so that we found if we move a finger it would kill something in the environment. We have imposed too much restrictions to ourselves on the papers. We knew it but we choose to ignore it. If we follow the book it would render our life so impractical and ridiculous. Most of us choose to ignore it. See what I mean?? the book is pointless.. No one follows it.

How it shaped our perceptions?
the textbook conservation is viewed as too many don'ts. It is the guidelines that are leading us back to the stone age! perception? I don't care if there is a guideline or not. I lead my life the way I wanted and I let my consciences decide on how conservative I want to be. The textbook didn't really shaped anybody's perception. It is just a list of do's and don'ts.

Books are excellent reference material. Textbook,journals, newsletter on conservation in any form are good references. Use it where applicable but don't indulge everything thats written. If you make textbook conservation a way of life.. you will probably be ridiculous. Why? because you are part of a minute community in a world containing 6,692,030,277 people. Remember that besides your community the rest can be potentially destructive to the environment.

So does it work in the real world? I believe that conservation concepts should take into considerations on the global scale. It is a very complex issue that requires extensive research because there are no fixed systems that will work for all areas and conditions. As a conservation activist I harness the internet technology much more than other media as it is one of the ways that is far reaching enough to bring any measurable impact.

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