Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Basic Shapes and shading

Drawing practice should progress from the simple lines to basic shapes like square, round, triangle and oval. Develop the shapes in different dimensions. The practice of drawing shapes should progress to making three dimensional objects of the same shapes. Shades is introduced to create depth on the objects.

The first object I practice on is the spray bottle as seen in the picture. It has most of the basic shapes and a good object to start with my drawing. I begin with laying a line in the center of the object. This line will be my reference throughout the drawing process. I lay thin outlines to develop the first rectangle that makes the body of the spray bottle. Next I draw a half oval at the bottom section to create the base of the bottle. The same goes to the top section to create the bottle shoulder.

The neck and cap is developed in similar manner. The entire drawing is constructed from just two basic shape the rectangle and oval. These are two shapes that is most often found in drawings. You must practice making these shapes. Use light clean stroke to make the lines. It can be darken further later.

Next comes the shading part. Shading establishes dimension and gives the realistic look to the bottle. Here the pencil is held low and the side of the lead is use to create the shade. The process is called "burnishing". Different pressure creates different shade.

You can now find similar object and try drawing it. I will add more practice and methods in the next post.

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